Jesus Christ, King of Comedy review by Rabid Reviewer

Jesus Christ, What a Comedy!

by Rabid_Reviewer, KC Stage

Irreverent, logical, and totally unapologetic. Devout Christians without a sense of humor are going to hate this show. Everyone else will probably love it.

The script is excellent and funny. The concept is also strong and well-considered. I really, really enjoyed this show, and it has enormous potential to be developed beyond the Fringe Festival.

There are problems with this show, and it has to do with the way it's played. There is a sense that the cast is holding back a little. It seems as if they are aware that this show will greatly offend some people, and they are distancing themselves from the characters somewhat rather than fully embracing them.

Perhaps it has something to do with the good Christian hate mail the show received before opening. Or maybe it is simply under-rehearsed.

The lack of full investment in the characters did not detract from the absolute hilarity inherent in the performance. Even the program adds to the comedy.

The show begins with the immaculate (yeah, right) conception, and treats the entire story of Jesus as a guy who just wants to make it big in show biz. Thanks to Judas Iscariot, his agent, he succeeds. The rest is an E! Hollywood Story of how fame and success led to his ultimate demise, and how some of the tales of his exploits were blown way out of proportion, defying all reasonable logic.

The play makes a good point about religion requiring faith that defies common sense, and how the masses can be convinced of almost anything. Would Jesus be considered a savior or a fraud in today's society?

Frankly, if your faith can not stand up to the questions posed by this production, then maybe you need to re-examine what you believe in.

Intelligent and funny. Needs more work on characterization. Definitely worth seeing.

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