Article About Fringe for 2AM Theatre

The Kansas City Fringe recently held its 8th festival, and if there’s one thing the festival has become known for (besides burlesque) it’s as a breeding ground for new plays by local writers. There are several theatre companies in Kansas City that will occasionally produce works by local playwrights, but none that are devoted exclusively to the task or that do much to foster the creation of new works within the community. Consequently, the Kansas City Fringe Festival is where local writers go to test their mettle. With its low barrier for entry, an atmosphere of risk taking, and an audience eager to try something new, playwrights are using the Fringe to hone their craft and build their reputation.

KC Metropolis picks "Sexing Hitler" as Top Ten Play of the Year

Kansas City Fringe Festival—Sexing Hitler. Laugh-out-loud disturbing and uncomfortably based in fact, this one-hour Fringe Festival contribution simultaneously made me guffaw at the ridiculousness of Nazi-designed sex dolls (true story) and shudder at the real-life horror that was the application of eugenics. (July 2012)

from KC Metropolis