Announcing "Chicken Heart" at the 2013 KC Fringe Festival

I'm happy to anounce our play for the 2013 KC Fringe Festival will be "Chicken Heart" by Arch Oboler, the chilling tale of a science experiment gone horribly wrong. A chicken heart is kept alive in a vat, but an accident causes it to grow until it threatens to devour the world. It’s apocalyptic fun for the whole family.

This is a theatrical adaptation of an episode of the "Lights Out" radio show, which first aired in 1937 and enjoyed renewed popularity thanks to Bill Cosby’s 1968 album "Wonderfulness".

It will be the first Fringe show that we didn't write (we are adapting it for the stage as an ensemble), and the first that's appropriate for all ages.

The cast includes the "Sexing Hitler" team of Andy Garrison, Parry Luellen, Amy Hurrelbrink, Marcie Ramirez, and Eric Tedder. Tara Varney directs with stage manager Ryan Puffer and production assistant Jill Gillespie.

More updates will follow...

Program for KC FilmFest 2013

Program I designed for the KC FilmFest (cover art by The Collaboration).

Click here for a pdf of the program.

Poster for Byrd Productions "Laidback Fundraiser"

Poster I designed for Byrd Productions "Laidbck Fundrasier 2013"

Poster for French Cabaret "Paris in April"

Poster I designed for the French Cabaret "Paris in April" for Byrd Productions