"Fringe Plays" published featuring five Fringe scripts

Fringe Plays is now available in paperback at Lulu, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble for only $12. You can also download it for free as a pdf or as an epub

The five one-act plays in this book all premiered at the Kansas City Fringe Festival between 2008 and 2012, and each was awarded “Best of Fringe” the year it premiered. They now seek out new life at Fringe Festivals around the world. 

Hexing Hitler
In 1941, five people, led by writer and adventurer William Seabrook, gathered in a remote Maryland cabin to put a curse on Adolf Hitler and end World War II using witchcraft. This is the true story of what happened that night.

Sexing Hitler
German soldiers in occupied territories are contracting syphilis from prostitutes in astounding numbers. The disease threatens the stability of the Third Reich. To solve the problem, Adolf Hitler orders the creation of inflatable pleasure dolls that the soldiers can carry in their packs to satisfy their urges. Yes, this is also a true story.

Lingerie Shop
It begins as a steamy, sex-filled comedy, until one of the actresses curses the playwright and quits the play in the middle of a scene. What follows is a Pirandello-styled farce that deconstructs theatre and feminism.

Khaaaaan! the Musical
After Khan attacks the Enterprise crew in the 23rd century, Kirk, Spock and Bones go back in time to find the world locked in a perpetual 1980s culture lorded over by the guitar god Khan. This rock-n-roll parody of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan explores our nostalgic fixation on the past.

Jesus Christ, King of Comedy
Jesus goes into show business and becomes the biggest entertainer in the Middle East despite his rocky relationship with his non-biological father Joseph. The play uses the familiar tale of Christ to satirize our celebrity worshiping society.

"Red Death" Video

Here's a video of our 2014 KC Fringe show "Red Death" recorded by M. L. Bass.