See Tara Varney in "Carrie the Musical"

Tara is playing Margaret White, Carrie's mother, in Carrie The Musical at the Off Center Theatre in Crown Center. For more information, go to Egads' Theatre

Tara also has a brand new website here

"Perfect Love" Reading by City Playwrights Oct. 7

My short play "Perfect Love" will be read at the City Playwrights short play reading on October 7 at the Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre. This is the group that produces the 4Play event at Fringe.

Here's the details:
Join City Playwrights as they present an evening of staged readings. Playwrights presenting works are Bryan Colley, Mark Katzman, Michelle T. Johnson, and Dane Zeller.

"Perfect Love" by Bryan Colley
Directed by Madeline McCrae
Nicole Santorella, Elissa Schrader, and Edward Turner

"Pretty Button" by Mark Katzman
Directed by Mark Katzman
De De DeVille and J. D. Higgason

"What A Fool Believes" by Michelle T. Johnson
Directed by Michelle T. Johnson
Claudia Copping, Sabrina "Brie" Henderson, and Curtis Smith

"Lulu and Sam" by Dane Zeller
Directed by Erin Merritt
Pete Bakely and Linda Levin

October 7
, 2013
Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre, 3614 Main Street
Doors open at 6:30pm, Readings begin at 7:00pm

$5.00 suggested donation at the door.
Following each reading there will be a talk back with the audience. Light snacks will be provided. Soda and wine will be available for a donation.
And here's the Facebook event if that's your thing.

"Hexing Hitler/Sexing Hitler" Ready for Production

Interested in producing Hexing Hitler or Sexing Hitler (or both)? Here's all the details:

Hexing Hitler
In January 1941, five people gather in a remote Maryland cabin to put a curse on Adolf Hitler and end World War II using witchcraft.

Sexing Hitler
During World War II, German soldiers in occupied territories are contracting syphilis from prostitutes in astounding numbers. The disease threatens the stability of the Third Reich. To solve the problem, Adolf Hitler orders the creation of inflatable pleasure dolls that the soldiers can carry in their packs to satisfy their urges.

Hexing Hitler/Sexing Hitler are two thematically-related one-act plays. They may be performed individually or together utilizing the same cast. Both plays are based on true stories.

Cast Requirements
Male, 40s-50s
Male, 30s-50s
Male, 20s
Female, 30s-50s
Female, 20s

The running time is approximately 60 minutes for Hexing Hitler, and 50 minutes for Sexing Hitler. Performance royalties are negotiable and dependent on the size of the performance venue and ticket prices.

Production History: Hexing Hitler was first performed at the Kansas City Fringe Festival July 22-30, 2011 (see the original show page). Sexing Hitler was first performed at the Kansas City Fringe Festival July 20-28, 2012 (see the original show page).

Contact: For questions or to read a copy of the script, please contact Bryan Colley at