"Lingerie Shop" Review by Panda

Fact or Fantasy

Since this show is billed as a world premier, I anticipate it will experience a few more trips through the word processor. That will be to its benefit.

Five talented women in their underwear combined with a top flight creative team will certainly produce large audiences. I doubt most will be disappointed. While I enjoyed the show, there were some things that I found to be confusing.

The author, Bryan Colley, uses the theatrical device of having the actors shift in and out of character and from acting to direct address to the audience. While that may well be intentional, these shifts frequently occurred in ways that were difficult for this audience member to keep pace. The character names are not listed in the program. This creates another difficulty in keeping track.

It would reveal too much of the story to provide a complete synopsis. Marcie Ramirez as Ms Raven, the shop owner, is in the process of "training" her new apprentice Jennifer, played by Olivia Marsh. Charlotte Kyle plays Ava, an imposing dominatrix, apparently a regular in the shop. An anticipated delivery arrives and Ms. Raven is smitten by the delivery person, Kelli Hahn. Affairs of the heart follow and even the stage manager, Amy Hurrelbrink, and the author (maybe) become involved.

For me, at least, the stage combat, choreographed by Richard Buswell, was the highlight of the show. It was proof positive that the female is the more vicious of the sexes. Everything comes together through the able direction of Tara Varney assisted by Steven Eubank. Techincal coordinator was Tanya Brown and scene painter, Audrey Colley.

from KC Stage

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