Khaaaaan! the Musical Cast Recording

A studio recording featuring the original cast of  Khaaaaan! the Musical.

Download at any of your favorite online music stores, including Amazon, iTunes, eMusic, Zune, Spotify, and more. Totally retro plastic disc available at Amazon on Demand. You can also stream the album at Bandcamp.

Ten Rockin' Tracks
  1. Science Fiction Movies
  2. Too Old for This
  3. Khan's Awesome Song
  4. The Illogical Song
  5. Totally Tubular
  6. The Genesis Device
  7. Bones' Lament
  8. I Come in Peace
  9. Science Fiction Movies Reprise
  10. Khan's Awesome Song (KC Fringe Festival Version)
Vocals by Jay Coombes, Bob Grove, Kevin Albert, Steven Eubank, and Amy Hurrelbrink
Music by Tim Gillespie and Michelle Cotton
Lyrics by Bryan Colley, Tara Varney, and Michelle Cotton
Recorded and mixed by Howie at Mr. Furious Records

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